MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $100 - 6 Man
0/6$100$54010%100%$54002:07:402d 7h
GMBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS Special
3/59$10$50015.3%94%$47002:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $30 - 10 Man
0/10$30$27010%100%$27002:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $50 - 6 Man
0/6$50$27010%100%$27002:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI $2 SL vs AUS Rib-Tickler
1/78$2$14010%98%$13802:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $15 - 10 Man
0/10$15$13510%100%$13502:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $20 - 6 Man
0/6$20$10810%100%$10802:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $10 - 6 Man
0/6$10$5410%100%$5402:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $5- 6 Man
0/6$5$2710%100%$2702:07:402d 7h
MBMoneyballODI SL vs AUS $2 - 6 Man
0/6$2$1110%100%$1102:07:402d 7h

Other comp types: 50/50H2HMultiplier

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Join the discussion with like-minded coaches on the FanFooty Forums to explore the world of Big Bash League fantasy. There is a BBL Fantasy board for the official comp, as well as a board for the Fox Sports Fantasy 20/20 competition. If you’re familiar with the XVIII competitions on FanFooty where users run their own franchises in a highly competititive league, you’ll want to get in on the ground floor as the forumites set up a XI competition.

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From The PavilionFor those looking for a different fantasy experience, a large number of FanFooty Forum users play a cricket simulation game called From The Pavilion. To join the fun with fellow local players, check out the FTP board on the FanFooty forums.